Greetings, my name is Menaskop

More precisely, my name is Vladimir Popov, but I was born in Siberia in 1985, that is, at the beginning of perestroika ;) and the peak of the demographic boom. So - menaskop: The term "exchange" (russian - "mena") means to change, the term "skop" means to exchange everything for everything: knowledge for goods, goods for goods, money for knowledge, etc.

I have been an entrepreneur since 2005, an IT lawyer since 2008 and since 2012 - BTC-miner (to 2018); and since 2016 - the creator of Synergis. The aim of the website is simple: to show in practice that Transparency and transactional reputation can go hand in hand.

This website is my digital avatar, placed in IPFS and updated every six months to a year. From it you can learn about my competencies, my main works, my clients and partners (it's always the same), as well as what is alive besides business: creativity, work, silence.

Here are the main sections:

Menaskop.eth is not my first or last site, but it is where I have the maximum entry points for getting what I call transactional reputations. Contacting me is easy: by nickname, but a query/case/project consultation costs from 1 to 3 eth per hour. The rest depends on the complexity, interest and other parameters of the project.

Information and contacts:

I'm currently developing the web3news channel and will always welcome new guests. It doesn't matter if you understand that all work should be rewarded or not: the main thing is that at least there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Plans for the next 1-3-5-7-10 years: first, to make this site entirely on decentralized services, including, say, instead of Google.Drive. From a more global one - to bring tempos and digital offshoring to the first stage of perfection, and in parallel - to develop the concept of independent (autonomous) energy, which is so lacking to complete legal independence from corporations, states, churches, etc. For me as a father - it's hard to look at what's being done with the future.

All those who have come to hack my accounts - I inform you: despite the fact that I'm almost 100% open - just those 0.01% are not enough for you to hack. No, there have been successful attempts: here examp. (whatever it's all back) and lo and behold another, But why? I'm not hurting anyone and the money I earn will definitely go to those who needs. However, the choice is always yours.